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What I Watched This Week (October 16-22, 2016)

So it’s been a long time and I’m finally glad to be back and getting started writing. I finished moving into my new place and it took a month to get internet installed here. Thanks for the patience.

So this week was a very slow start, but I decided to go and finish the rest of Berserk from last season. As a huge fan of the series and waiting so long for an update to the anime it was good to get to sit down and finish it. I must say the wait was well worth it. Initially the CGI was very jarring and I just wanted to support the show just because it was Berserk. By the end of the show the CGI wasn’t nearly as bad as when it began.

The story was very well done it didn’t drag and kept the action coming. Just getting to see Guts in action and how strong he’s become since his days in the “Band of the Hawk”. It was upsetting seeing Casca in a useless state. You can see shes been suffering from tremendous PTSD. Sitting back and watching and waiting for the moment of Griffiths appearance was extremely exciting. The story pulls you in and you’re waiting for the moment that the rest of the world in the story is waiting for.

You can really tell they focused on the story and character development. You can see how they established Guts as a character that stands out from the rest of the world. His views, strength, and drive have carried him so far ahead of the average warrior. He doesn’t seem invincible at all though he manages to continue to survive by the skin of his teeth. This has been happening since you first meet him. He’s fought so long and so close to death so many times that he doesn’t even think about it.

The rest of the characters are very well developed. There are quite a number of memorable moments that just fill you with excitement and put you on the edge of your seat. I’m extremely excited for the next season in Spring 2017.

My Scores:

  • Graphics: 3/5
  • Story: 5/5
  • Music: 4/5
  • World: 5/5
  • Overall Grade: A

See you all next week with a new show.

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