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What I Watched This Week! (Oct 30-Nov 5 2016)

Hello Tokurs!

This week has been almost a complete wash. I was not able to watch a series as I was dealing with a lot of political issues with friends. Mostly, helping campaign. But I did manage to squeeze a few shows into my busy schedule. 

First I’m glad to announce I got my Crunchyroll subscription back up and running. It ran out in between paychecks and I was suffering through commercials. I had one session that had me sit through 17 MINUTES!!! That is so unacceptible I’ll have to write Crunchyroll about that experience.

I managed to watch the second episode of Scorching Ping Pong Girls. It was so fun and enjoyable. It felt straight out of Prince of Tennis. I feel it’s going to make my fall 2016 pretty enjoyable. I’m loving the matches and hope it leads back to the national tournament!

I started episode 1 of RWBY season 4. I was still suffering through commercials so I’ll have to cancel that session it just wasn’t enjoyable. Once again I’m going to really push that issue with Crunchyroll. But it started off pretty good and I’m looking forward to watching it.

Keijo!!!!!!!! was the only other show that I watched that was new. Due to the massive amount of commercials it took me longer than wanted to finish the episide and then I watched a few political debates on Facebook. 

Outside of that most of my week was pretty slow. Mostly work, home, kids, eat, and sleep. I have the next two days off so expect to see a few articles come out. I’ll get you my first impression of Keijo!!!!!!!! during that time. 

Thanks for checking back and tell me about your week in the comments! See you next time tokers!

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