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First Impression: “Occultic;Nine”

Today’s preview is on Occultic;Nine it was recently added back to Crunchyroll and Daisuki reported by “Anime News Network”. So let’s take a look at the first episode and see if there was any reason it was removed based on content.

We’re introduced to Yuta Gamon who considers himself a “NEET(Not in Education,Employment or Training) even though he technically is going to school. Though his goal is to turn his blog into a highly profitable affiliate website to generate money and never have to work. He’s targeting what is a highly saturated market in the paranormal activity. We’re also introduced to the Izumin the restaurant owner of the location that Yuta uses for internet access and his very oppai friend Ryoka Narusawa who he calls Ryotas.

Occultic Science Lab Panel (Television Show)

The show cuts to a television show that is discussing paranormal study and you can see the world seems to be focused on the activity of poltergeists and soul existence. He notices a female psychic on the TV who Ryoka mentions that she’s seen her in their school. Yuta decides he wants to add her to his Kiri Kiri Basarars so he can do interviews and add value to his blog site.

Yuta Gamon, Miyuu Aikawa, Ryoka Narusawa (Kiri Kiri Basara)

We’re then brought to a scene of a girl who takes a customer to cast a black magic curse on an individual shortly after the customer leaves we see she’s also friends with a poltergeist and finds a scalped wig of hair in her mailbox. Yuta meets with Miyuu Aikawa who recognizes him and they go back to the restaurant where he convinces her to join him and Ryoka. He convinces Ryoka and Miyuu to go to Kurenaino Mansion where Kurenaino Aria uses black magic for her customers.

Professor Hagashimi found dead after the filming of Occultic Science Lab

Yuta ends up going to the office of Professor Hashigami where he finds him dead with a series of flashes to the television show he watched the previous day.

Occultic;Nine is an interesting show up to this point. While the talking is extremely fast it fits with Yuta as a character. Granted there is a little bit of comedy to lighten the mood the show seems like it will be very heavy on dialogue. Ryoka doesn’t really provide any value at the moment other than being ridiculously oppai. I can see the show going forward with a lot of interesting events not only for Yuta but Miyuu and the entire Kiri Kiri Basara group. I’m not sure if the importance of building his affiliate websites wealth will be important but it’s certainly an interesting aspect to show something that many bloggers experience in some of their goals to make money online. At this moment Occultic;Nine is a very high B-Rank show. I’ll need to watch more before I know if I’ll rank it higher but I do enjoy the horror genre and there aren’t many horror shows generally.

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