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First Impression: “Haikyu!!”

Today’s first impression is also one of my favorite shows. Haikyu!! is in it’s third season during the spring tournament of the Miyagi prefecture between Shiratorizawa and Karasuno.

This season starts off right away with the teams showing up for the finals after a hard fought battle with Aoba Johsai in the semi-finals. Hinata runs into some of his friends from middle school who are surprised to see him and Kageyama on the same team. They bring back a lot of side characters who show up to cheer on Karasuno in this finals match.

Team Karasuna takes the court!

The team shows up on the gym floor completely nervous at the size of the arena they are competing in. The Shiratorizawa fans begin cheering and the players realize how much support Shiritorizawa has. Shiratorizawa enters the gym and the teams begin preparations for the final match.

Defending prefecture champions, Shiratorizawa Acadamy!

Hinata and Kageyama, show off one of their secret new moves to show that Karasuno is not a weak team by any measure. It gets the attention of the entire stadium including Ushijima who’s ranked as the top Volleyball player in the prefecture. The teams come out for introductions and begin the match with Ushijima spiking and scoring on Nishinoya.

Ushijima spikes past three defenders no problem.

Haikyu!! is one of my favorite shows so it’s a must watch for me to continue. The season picks up right where we left off from season two. Make sure you watch season one and season two before starting the show. There are a large number of characters and interactions that you have to know in order to understand the roles they will play in the finals. This show has a Solid A from previous seasons and it’s off to a good start this season. Stay tuned for my end of season review of this season of Haikyu!!

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