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First Impression: “The Ancient Magus Bride”

Welcome to my daily first impression where I will watch the first episode and give my honest opinion on if the show seems like it will be enjoyable. Today’s preview will be on the show The Ancient Magus Bride

Episode 1: “Those Awaiting A Star”

Crunchyroll Description: “Chise is the student and future bride of the Thorn Sorcerer, Elias. They receive a package from Angelica in London: mostly textbooks, save for one special book.”

We’re introduced to Angelica and Hugo. Angelica seems to be a Mage and Hugo seems to be a water fairy. At this point in time I’ve taken notice to the animation and scenery and it looks good. The creation of the crow from the spell also has me intrigued.

Hugo and Angelica

We’re then introduced to Ruth and Chise. It at this point it seems like everyone has a  magical familiar of some sort that they can speak to and understand. We meet her teacher Elias and their maid Silky. They discuss her learning magic which the world seems very reliant on and many people seem to understand it.

Chise and Elias

Shortly after Angelica’s delivery shows up we get some back story into Chise learning that her mother killed herself. We find that she was taken in by either friends or family but because she can see magical beings it’s causing her to not fit in with anyone. She runs away and gets attacked by a magical beast but manages to find shelter in a building in the forest that we find out is called “The Library of the Forest”.

Magician of the Forest inside Library

Library of the Forest


Overall the episode was very good the music kept the moods flowing and you could feel that this story is going to be very interesting. I’m actually interested in watching more episodes. It seems this is just a short 3 part prequel so hopefully it gets more later. I give this show a solid A so far.

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