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Mid-Season Review: “All Out!!”

Hey Tokurs! I’m back with another mid-season review for you all. This time it’s about the rugby show All Out!!.

Simulcast on Thursdays 12:30pm EST

Publisher: TMS Entertainment, LTD

Crunchyroll Description: 

“The day of the entrance ceremony at Kanagawa Highschool… The story starts when the slight but unyielding Gion joins the rugby team. His classmate, Iwashimizu, who can’t get into rugby because of something happening in the past, the vice-captain, Hachioji, who looks out for all of the members, and their captain, Sekizan, who is more passionate and intense than anyone… All of the members are completely different, but they all keep growing on this battlefield known as youth. Once they give it their all, the ultimate stage awaits them.”

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Takuya Sekizan as a first year.

I know, I know! Another sports show. I can’t help it! All Out!! is a show about highschool kids playing rugby. It’s a game similar to football. It’s like many of your shounen sports with a large cast of characters. The good thing is this show is covering a new sport. It has some similarities to Eyeshield 21 — which I haven’t watched completely — with the number of characters and the type of sport. This show is certainly off to a running start.

Keijo Captain and Taira

Up until this part in the series we’ve only seen Kanagawa High play one match against Keijo High (I wonder if the Keijo!!!!!!!! girls watched the match. LOL). It looked like they were having a bit of beginners luck and holding their own in the match but after halftime Keijo High came out with a completely new strategy and piled on the points mercilessly. Kanagawa has some good and interesting players. Sekizan has only been playing for 3 years and seems to be completely self trained. His dedication to training has earned him the spot of captain and coach.

Oharano showing his athleticism.

Though we find that there is an extremely wide gap in their skill vs their opponents skill. Due to this Gion manages to overhear a conversation while sleeping under some pads that they need a coach. Shingo Komori the coach that Gion reached out to is a retired rugby player and coach. He’s  a total badass that resembles Urahara from Bleach. He begins coaching them totally changing the dynamic of the team and the thoughts of the players. At this point we begin to see some very interesting dynamics among the characters who really start to shine with their individuality. The underlying bond is they all want to win, but some haven’t been motivated enough to win and Komori showing up while taking a lot of weight off Sekizan to lead has helped tremendously.

Coach Shingo Komori appears!

The development of the team is quite interesting. In many other shows many of the teams have a significant number of top players that are well above average and the team is already above average. This team is different because while they have a few talented players the overall team is trash. They lack discipline, drive, and organization. Komori is putting them through the wringer and has had the team verbalize their goal of reaching Hanazono the national highschool rugby tournament.

Miyuki fired up!!

After watching the first match I’m excited for this show. It’s a truly good show with great characters and plot. The music fits the scenes and really brings out the atmosphere in the matches. This show is really shaping up to be an amazing show and I’m excited to see where it goes. Hopefully they don’t rush it to the national tournament and we get to see a few more matches and the players really develop the team into a powerhouse. A rematch with Keijo High is a must for this show to be complete.

Oharano scoring off a kick.

Thanks for checking out my mid-season review of All Out!!. Have you been watching this show? Who is your favorite character? Does this show make you want to play rugby like it has made me? Leave your comments below and tell me what you think about the show. Until next time Tokurs!

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