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First Impression: “ALL OUT!!”

Today we’ll be going over the show All Out!!. 

Simulcast on Thursdays 12:30pm EDT

Publisher: TMS Entertainment, Ltd.

Crunchyroll Description:

“The day of the entrance ceremony at Kanagawa Highschool… The story starts when the slight but unyielding Gion joins the rugby team. His classmate, Iwashimizu, who can’t get into rugby because of something happening in the past, the vice-captain, Hachioji, who looks out for all of the members, and their captain, Sekizan, who is more passionate and intense than anyone… All of the members are completely different, but they all keep growing on this battlefield known as youth. Once they give it their all, the ultimate stage awaits them!”


I’m a huge shounen sports fan so this show is right up my alley. I had started Eyeshield 21 a few months back but never got to finish it, so a rugby show is probably going to be very intriguing to me. The sport is not covered much here in America but I do have friends who play.

Episode 1: “This Year’s First Years Are Hilarious”

Let’s get into the show.

It’s the first day of school the first years are learning their way around and finding their lockers. A few seniors end up bumping into a very tall first year who appears to be very meek. While they attempt to bully him another first year shows up who’s  extremely short with a short temper. They attempt to bully him but he’s not having none of it. He’s picked up by the other first year and carried away from the situation.

Iwashimizu and Gion watching rugby club practice.

We find out that the tall first year is named Iwashimizu Sumiaki and the short one is Gion Kenji. They run into Hachioji who’s an old friend of Iwashimizu. He invites them to watch the team practice Rugby. Gion is reluctant to watch but Hachioji tells him that anyone can be the star. He watches the practice and falls in love with the sport and decides to join the team. Iwashimizu decides he’s not going to join the team at that time and leaves.

The one with the ball is the star!

Hachioji is waiting in the team room the next day waiting on possible new recruits to the team. Gion wants to begin practicing so he can learn the game and ends up running into Sekizan who’s the strongest member of the team as he leaves to practice alone. Sekizan calls him small which sets Gion off and he goes off on an attack. Without even making much of an effort Sekizan easily deflects him with a tackle move that sends Gion flying. Gion begins to beg them to teach him how to tackle and asks why Iwashimizu won’t play rugby.

Sekizan the towering powerhouse!

We find out that Iwashimizu has joined the book club. Gion barges in and tells him to come with him for the time. They go to the field and he gets a tackle practice pad for Iwashimizu to hold for him. He charges at him and Iwashimizu dodges causing him to miss. He tells him not to run because if he does he’ll get hurt then takes the pad away from Iwashimizu. He tells him that he heard what happened in middle school with his friend and that the reason his friend got hurt was because he was weak. This angers Iwashimizu and he charges into the tackle pad with all his force sending Gion to the ground. After a few seconds Gion sits up laughing about how much fun Rugby is. It looks like his actions have helped break Iwashimizu’s fear of hurting people.

“The Moment” when Iwashimizu injured his friend Miyuki.

My Thoughts:

All Out!! is fun, funny and entertaining. The intro music was energetic and gave you the feeling of a high action show. There were scenes where the music really brought out the emotion of the moment during the show. The artwork was nice and consistent throughout. Iwashimizu at first seemed like he was going to be a helpless type character but once you see him take a serious stance you can tell he’s going to be a very pivotal character on the rugby team. Gion may not have the size but I can see him playing a more inconspicuous role on the team and standing out. The characters so far are pretty unique and all seem to play their own roles already. I’m really excited to continue this show and see where this season goes. Keep an eye out for my end of season review. Tell me what you thought of All Out!! in the comments.

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