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Fall 2016 Season

As the summer 2016 season comes to an end fall 2016 is getting started. While I’m in the middle of moving I have not had internet set up at my new place yet. They should be coming this weekend so I should be up and running by then and doing impressions of the shows for the new season as well as catching up and finishing shows from the summer season. This is exciting for me as I’m currently watching Berserk and Mob Psycho 100. Both shows are very enjoyable and I really want to go back to Spring 2016 and finish the last few episodes of Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto.

I’m looking into possibly watching at least a 12 episode series each week to do a review about for you all each week and most likely my first show I will cover will be Madoka Magica. I know it’s a few years old but I recently started watching it and absolutely love the show. It’s a unique twist on the magical girl genre and it delivers very well. There is so much to watch and so little time but hopefully I can get on schedule and begin to have consistent topics of discussion for you daily. Just bare with me while I finish up my transition into my new place.

If you have any suggestions on shows I should watch feel free to drop a comment here for me. I’m be filling up my list and probably do my reviews in the order they are received. Try to avoid any extremely long series like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail. For now 12 episode series will be ideal.

I’ll catch you all next time on Animetoku!

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