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Review Scoring

Animetoku uses a simple five point grading system. There are no half points, because of this scores will be rounded down more often than rounded up. Shows will be graded on Art, Story, Music and World. With the Overall score being the four scores averaged out.

Animetoku Scoring System


This rank is given out for the best of the best. It really has to touch me in a way that stands out from the norm. Though some shows will get this because of me being a fanboy generally I have to find the show extremely enjoyable for ranks this high. For the anime fan willing to watch anything these shows should be watched.


This rank is given out for very good shows. Should also be noted that these shows are generally fan favorites as well. These shows have some flaws but they generally delivery everything for the viewer well. These shows also come as highly recommended for your viewing pleasure.


This rank is given for good shows. Sometimes when a season doesn’t have many strong shows to fill out your viewing enjoyment you can come back to these shows and get an enjoyable viewing. These shows are very easy to skip over when there are significantly better shows. These shows tend to be shows I recommend when people are looking for something extremely specific, new, and not mainstream.


This rank is given for shows that are not absolutely horrible. Though many times shows that end up in here tend to be guilty pleasure shows. They don’t provide anything extremely new or special. These shows are mostly meant to kill time and come lowly recommended .


This rank is given to bad shows. Shows that most people won’t watch. In most cases these are known bad shows and hardly ever become better with time. I probably won’t ever recommend these shows unless someone is looking for bad shows.