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About Animetoku



Animetoku is an anime website built around socializing with fans around the world about anime. We’re all anime lovers and it’s fun to meet people and make friends with the many fans of all the shows that we experience. Animetoku isn’t just for me it’s for all anime fans to come chat and find a place to hang out and fit in. I’ll be providing you with almost daily blogs of things I find interesting within the anime community. Take some time look around and join in on the discussions. I’m always looking forward to talking to people about anime.

Animetoku is just beginning and there is much more in store and planned for the website. As we grow you’ll see significant changes to how you’re able to interact with not only myself but each other. If you’ve got suggestions for what you would like to see added to the website feel free to use the contact me method and send me a message.  I’m always open to suggestions. I hope your time here is fun and enjoyable. I hope you can make some long time friends so that we all can enjoy our anime experiences.