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First Impression: “Black Clover”

What is up Tokurs! So I know it’s been an absolutely ridiculous amount of time since I’ve posted here. But I’m back and this time I’m changing things up a bit. Previously, I had cared about sounding professional in my…
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First Impression: “Keijo!!!!!!!!”

Today we’re going to check out the show Keijo!!!!!!!! Simulcast on Thursdays 12:00pm EST Publisher: Warner Japan Crunchyroll Description: “Nozomi Kaminashi is a fantastic gymnast, and in order to help her family out of poverty, has decided instead to become a competitor…
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First Audio Impression: “Yuri!!! on Ice”

Today’s Podcast is episode 1 of Yuri!!! on Ice.  Simulcast on Wednesdays 3:00pm EST Publisher: TVAsahi Crunchyroll Description: “Yuri Katsuki carried the hope of all Japan on his shoulders in the Figure Skating Grand Prix, but suffered a crushing defeat…
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First Impression: “Drifters”

Today’s show is Drifters. Simulcast on Fridays 10:30am EDT Publisher: NBC Universal Crunchyroll Description: “From the creator and team behind Hellsing comes a thrilling story where history and fantasy collide. Shimazu Toyohisa, a famous samurai who fought in the historical Battle…
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First Impression: “ALL OUT!!”

Today we’ll be going over the show All Out!!.  Simulcast on Thursdays 12:30pm EDT Publisher: TMS Entertainment, Ltd. Crunchyroll Description: “The day of the entrance ceremony at Kanagawa Highschool… The story starts when the slight but unyielding Gion joins the rugby…
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First Impression: “Occultic;Nine”

Today’s preview is on Occultic;Nine it was recently added back to Crunchyroll and Daisuki reported by “Anime News Network”. So let’s take a look at the first episode and see if there was any reason it was removed based on…
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